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Internationally Recognized Coach Training in Hong Kong
Stop Just Managing, Start Coaching

Don't just manage!

Coach them to let them bringing out their own best!!!


Your Trainer: Dr. Keith To



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One of the Most Internationally Recognized Business Coach Designation Training in Hong Kong and in the world!

Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) is a truly international organization of business coaching. She has members from all 5 continents of the world.

You can get Hong Kong Government subsidy of nearly $10,000 through CEF.

Conduct Only ONCE a year! This is your best opportunity in 2016 to earn your WABC Accredited (Level 1 - RCC) designation, without leaving Hong Kong!

Our 17th year in offering this fantastic coach training program in Hong Kong. We start to train coaches since 2000!

Our Trainer, Dr. Keith has trained more coaches than any others in Hong Kong. In 2007, he has received the Special Award of Contribution from the
Worldwide Association of Business Coaches for his conducting of excellent programs for the Association and his contribution to the coaching field!

24 hours of very intensive coach training leads to an internationally recognized qualification. 2 Extra Complimentary Pre & Post Program Modules (18 hours) to establish a very strong foundation for you before and after the core programs to maximize your coaching competences. A total of 42 hours to equip you to be able to coach anybody in any situation.

The Corporate Coach Program trains you to:

Coach others to see their blind-spots
Improve performance of your team thru' group & individual coaching
Change others' behaviour at their own will
Bring out the best from others
Initiate breakthroughs for your organization, using coaching
Motivate, inspire and provoke ideas from others
Create measurable business results
Manage with much greater effectiveness in knowledge-based economy
Identify opportunities and threats

Training Program starts Aug 2 2016:


1. Pre-Program Workshop: Coaching for Results

Aug 2, 9, 23 2016 (3 Tuesday Evenings)
All the foundations of coaching!!! You actually become capable of coaching others simply after completing this training module.

2. Core Program I: Corporate Coaching Skills

Aug 20-21 2016 (Saturday & Sunday Afternoon)
You are going to learn the 7 Key Corporate Coaching Skills that can be used immediately, right after you return to work.

3. Core Program II: Corporate Coaching Tools

Sep 3-4 2016 (Saturday & Sunday Afternoon)
Coaching Tools make coaching much easier and faster. You will fully master all 7 proven coaching tools in this module.

4. Post-Program Workshop: Biz-Coaching

Aug 30, Sep 6, 13 2016 (3 Tuesday Evenings)
You are going to master the state-of-art Blind-Spots Coaching Technique in these 9 hours. You will also learn how to induce breakthrough by coaching people and/or organization.


What You are going to learn:

1. Coaching Dialogue
2. IOC Coaching Models: Level 1 - 3
3. Coaching Skills Matrix
4. The Coaching Process
5. Coachability
6. COACH Incubation System
7. Coaching Caps System - The 6 Macro-Coaching Skills
8. Blindspot Coaching
9. 6P6O Clients Coaching Models
10. Action Coaching
11. Breakthrough Coaching
12. Business Coaching Perspectives
13. 10 Power Questions
14. Career Balance Wheel
15. 6-Tiers of Questioning
16. SCANS Listening Skills for Coaches
17. Meta-Communication
18. Coaches' Self-Management
19. Inspiring Coachee to Lean & Act
20. Power of Observing
21. The Blocks List
22. Storyboarding Technique
23. Career Projection Technique
24. The Stress Inventory
25. Truthtalk Tracking Technique
26. DiSC Personal Profile
27. Coaching Different Types of People
28. Time Mastery Profile
29. Coach by Differentiations (CBD)
30. Coaching 1.1
31. And Much More....


Why you should join this fantastic training program?

You equip yourself with the 21st century management skill or you are going to be obsolete.

You learn "real" coaching instead of the "so-called" coaching, which actually is either consulting, therapy or counseling, but given a new name of "coaching".

You get continuous support directly from the trainer, Dr. Keith To, even after the program. You can email your questions to our Email Support Hotline. Dr. Keith will answer them personally for you. Learning continues years after.

You get Life-Long Learning Benefit. You are welcome to come again in our future classes to refresh. Dr. Keith updates the program every time. You refresh your memory and learn more new stuff.

You get all 10 Valuable Bonuses. All can help you to become a better coach, a better manager and a better person!

You can use the 5 Copyrighted Corporate Coaching Tools you learn in class forever again and again without paying any royalty.

You get authorization from Dr. Keith to use the COACH Incubation System with your clients. No extra fee.

You get the DISC Personal Profile and the Time Mastery Profile free of charge as a gift so that you can assess your own behavior and time management capability. These 2 valuable tools are free to you.

You can learn all these advanced coaching skills with great ease as Dr. Keith has designed lots of graphics, coaching models, clients models and coaching manuals for your reference.

You can join our
WABC Roundtable Meetings in 2016 and 2017 free of charge. There are a total of 4 meetings, each 2 hours in length. You learn more up-to-dated coaching skills during each of these informational meetings.

You can earn a Worldwide Recognized Designation from the truly international business coaching organization.

You get 1 year's Affiliate Membership of
WABC free of charge, which originally costs you US$305. There are a lots of Superior Benefits being a member of the WABC.

You open your own door to the growing New Career of Coaching.

You learn how to Coach as a Manager if you do not intend to become a professional coach. It simply enhances your management and leadership efficiency and effectiveness in your daily work. don't just be a Manager, be a

Your superior and your staff will notice the difference. You will gain their Ultimate Co-operation easily by simply applying what you learned.


For enrollment and enquiry, email Ms. Peggy Fung of our co-organizer, the Hong Kong Productivity Council at Or you can call 2788-5024 Ms. Li of HKPC for more details.


Course Fee: HK$11,620 (Approved for Continuing Educating Fund CEF Application, that is, you get major part of your money back from the government!) + HK$3,730 Registration and material fee.


Qualification Awarded:

Graduates of our program are eligible to receive their own individual qualification from WABC, namely Registered Corporate Coach (RCC). Receiving the RCC qualification means they have successfully completed our program and can then be accepted as a WABC member (no other examinations are required by WABC to receive RCC).

You may learn more about the RCC eligibility requirements from WABC.

The same program conducted in other parts of the world will cost at least US$2,595 (HK$20,241). You are saving more than $4,891, plus all the spending of overseas traveling and accommodation.


Your Trainer:

Dr. Keith To is the first trainer who brings business coach training into Hong Kong. You are going to learn all his first-handed material directly from him.

You can contact your Trainer, Dr. Keith at

Special Bonuses:

9 super valuable bonuses if you enroll. You must enroll early in order to secure these bonus. I will withdraw all these bonus items once our desired number of participants is reached!

I. Free Ebooks:

1. Power of Concentration - Learn how to concentrate and focus.
2. Psychopathology of Everyday Life - Great by the master psychologist, Freud.
3. A Theory of Motivation - The original paper of Maslow famous Hierachy of Needs.
4. The Foundation of Personality - Understand the personality of people. This makes you a great coach!

II. Free Live Courses:

1. Coaching Essentials - 12.5 hours intensive personal coach training to make you getting more skills and tools to coach others.
Date: Nov 2016 (Dates TBA)
2. The Basic Course  - Enhance the very basic of improving yourself and others. Core concepts o Dr. Keith's teachings.
Date: TBA

III. Free Audio Recordings:

1. 5 Macro Coaching Skills - This is the life recording of our Coaching Essentials Workshop. You are going to learn 5 coaching skills, which are not mentioned in the RCC Program.
2. Coaching Excellence - 6 hours condensed version of our greatest hit program. This enhances your depth in understanding what you are going to learn in the RCC Program.

3. BiZuccess System Seminar Session 3 & 4 - 4 hours recording of the final 2 sessions of our BiZuccess System Seminar. You can get the recordings of the first 2 sessions at the far end of the webpage.
4. Systemic Business Explorer Session 3 & 4 - 4 hours recording of the final 2 sessions of our Systemic Business Explorer Seminar. You can download the first 2 sessions at the far end of this webpage.

Email Ms. Karen Li at for enquiry and enrollment now. Or you can call Ms. Li at (852) 2788-5026.


Want to understand Coaching more, go to for some recordings of my previous seminars!


Special Bonus 1: MP3 Audio Recordings of BiZuccess System Session 1 - Venture Design
(Right click to download, MP3 in Chinese Cantonese)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Special Bonus 2: MP3 Audio Recordings of BiZuccess System Session 2 - Venture Selling
(Right click to download, MP3 in Chinese Cantonese)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11


Special Bonus 3: Audio Recordings of Systemic Business Explorer
Session 1
(Right click to download, WMA in Chinese Cantonese)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Special Bonus 4: Audio Recordings of Systemic Business Explorer
Session 2
(Right click to download, WMA in Chinese Cantonese)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Special Bonus 5: Audio Recordings of Business 1.1
Session 1
(Right click to download, WMA in Chinese Cantonese)

Part 1

Part 2

Special Bonus 6: Audio Recordings of Business 1.1
Session 2
(Right click to download, WMA in Chinese Cantonese)

Summary of Session 2

Special Bonus 7: The "Listen" Poem & 10 Responding Questions
from WABC Roundtable Meeting June 26 2009
(Right click to download)


10 Responding Questions


Special Bonus 8: The Treepad Note-taking Software
(Right click to download)


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